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Reseller Web Hosting Plans


Choose the best reseller hosting plan for you and leave the management to us


  • £ 17.48 /mo

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    • NVME Storage 50GB SSD
    • Traffic Unlimited
    • cPanel Accounts 10 Accounts
    • E-mails Accounts Unlimited
    • Databases Unlimited
    • FTP Accounts Unlimited
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Free Domain 12 Months/+
    • Subdomains Unlimited
    • Customer Panel cPanel
    • Reseller Panel WHM


  • £ 34.47 /mo

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    • NVME Storage 120GB SSD
    • Traffic Unlimited
    • cPanel Accounts 30 Accounts
    • E-mails Accounts Unlimited
    • Databases Unlimited
    • FTP Accounts Unlimited
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Free Domain 6 Months/+
    • Subdomains Unlimited
    • Customer Panel cPanel
    • Reseller Panel WHM


  • £ 71.22 /mo

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    • NVME Storage 250GB SSD
    • Traffic Unlimited
    • cPanel Accounts 60 Accounts
    • E-mails Accounts Unlimited
    • Databases Unlimited
    • FTP Accounts Unlimited
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Free Domain 3 Months/+
    • Subdomains Unlimited
    • Customer Panel cPanel
    • Reseller Panel WHM

    Essential software included as standards


    We've included the market-leading trio of third-party reseller management software as standard


    Customer Account Control

    What is cPanel?

    cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the web hosting process. cPanel uses a 3 tier structure in which it provides the capabilities for Server Administrators, Resellers and Website Owners, i.e. the end user, to control their website and server administration through a Web Browser.


    Reseller Account Control

    What is WHM?

    WHM - Web Host Manager is a program that allows administrative access to the cPanel back end. It gives you more control and flexibility when managing a few very popular, resource-intensive sites, or a large number of sites. In addition to offering the ability to sell web hosting services to others, it also gives you the option to create and manage multiple cPanels hosting accounts.


    Automation & Billing

    What is WHMCS?

    WHMCS - WebHost Manager Complete Solution is a complete customer management, billing and business support solution. Organize and automate all aspects of a business, from enrollment and initial ordering to billing and recurring billing and support through the integrated help desk, it's secure, extensible and scalable that puts you in control.

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    Discover unlimited earning potential


    See how much money can be made from reseller hosting as your customer base grows

    Number of Clients Package Price Monthly Cost Monthly Revenue

    Reselling adds value to your customers


    Reseller hosting can be used by existing companies to add more value to their current offerings

    Web Designers

    Our reseller hosting is a great way to add value for your web design customers.

    It allows you to offer the complete service of design, domain and hosting which means your clients can get everything they need in one place from you.

    Software Providers

    The hosted software market is becoming an increasinly popular distribution model.

    Reseller hosting would allow you to sell your software and automatically create hosting accounts for your clients so that they don't have to host it elsewhere.


    Organizations and businesses can add value to their team with reseller hosting.

    Included with each staff hosting account is the ability to store a variety of digital data, create websites and communicate via official organisational e-mail.

    Why choose MozOut as your partner?


    Discover the differentials that the leader in hosting in United Kingdom offers

    • Leader in hosting

      Pioneer in web hosting in the country, with all its infrastructure in Europe, America and/or Africa.

    • Qualified team

      Creative and specialized teams to make your day to day easier with our services.

    • No additional expenses

      Get 1TB up to 12TB of transfer included for server use.

    • Prepaid template

      Your spending based on resource consumption.

    • Progressive discount

      The more resources you use, the greater the discount applied.

    • Hourly billing

      Set application limits and pay only for what you use.

    • Easy to hire

      By Credit Card, PayPal, M-Pesa or Bank Transfer without intermediaries.

    • Agility and economy

      Faster response and speed, with lower latency, and spend predictability.

    • Intel® Cloud Technology

      SLA of up to 99.9% hardware, guaranteed by automatic server reallocation.

    • Price without surprises

      Pay in Pound, without worrying about the dollar exchange rate in a prepaid model.

    • Nearest datacenter

      Better response time due to low latency and datacenter in Europe, America and/or Africa.

    • Support at your fingertips

      Service in Portuguese 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge, by phone or chat.

    Stay on top of MozOut's numbers

    • + 37.000 clients

    • + 51.000 hosted sites

    • + 95.000 e-mails

    • + 10.000 devs partners

    F.A.Q Reseller Web Hosting


    Below are the most frequently asked questions about our Reseller Web Hosting plans

    It's a manager that allows you to resell different hostings and manage your own client portfolio. Also manage your hosting plans, e-mail accounts and database without worrying about the infrastructure.

    Become a “mini” hosting company and act as an intermediary, who buys the product and resells web hosting space to its customers. Web design, administration and support services can also be offered.

    It is worth mentioning that this is a Linux Hosting Reseller.

    cPanel Reseller Web Hosting runs on a linux web server and is intended to meet the needs of small web hosting companies, web development and advertising agencies, as well as developers, entrepreneurs and business people.

    Count on the dynamics and ease of the cPanel control panel to host your websites. You have the option to purchase a shared cPanel Reseller license or a cPanel VPS Reseller.

    With WHM, you can manage and/or assign access to each of your customers so they can manage their own websites , in addition to the free WHMCS panel to automate collections and the management of your customers. With the free Let's Encrypt SSL Digital Certificate, ensure security and greater relevance in search engines, SSH remote access for virtual access to the server, SSD disk that brings more speed in reading and editing processes. Upgrade between VPS plans to ensure scalability, exclusive Dedicated IP for your domains, unlimited transfers and 24x7 expert support via chat, phone and help desk.

    Another benefit is that you don't have to worry with cPanel updates and settings. We do this for you.

    The cPanel panel is dedicated to resellers to manage and configure customer products, such as: hosting, e-mail accounts, design services, etc. Allows access to tools for creating e-mails, FTP accounts, file management, among other functions. The reseller can also give individual access to its customers or enter all accounts in a single control panel.

    In WHM, which is used to host websites, the reseller manages the hosting and can provide access to the domain administration tool. Enjoy customizing and managing hosting accounts, monitoring server status, changing passwords, creating plans and users, enabling/disabling cPanel features for clients and more. You can customize the panels with your company logo.

    WHMCS is host billing automation software that simplifies daily work tasks and routines so they become more efficient. In addition, it reduces costs for resellers. It can be purchased as an add-on in the cPanel Reseller Hosting plan.

    The platform has:
    Integration with cPanel & WHM;
    Billing Automation;
    Billing Scheduling and Invoice Creation;
    Support Tool via Ticket: Reseller <-> Customer; e
    Integration with Payment Gateways.

    cPanel Shared Reseller is an environment where allocated clients use available memory and processing on a shared basis. So there is a Linux shared remote server.

    Reseller VPS cPanel is an environment where customers have unique resources, ie there is a virtual dedicated server (VPS) linux for each customer with dedicated memory and CPU . On this machine, memory, processing and disk space resources will not be shared with other resellers.

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