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WordPress Hosting Plans


Easy and complete solution with automatic version updates for a more secure environment with high processing speed

WP Starter

  • $ 8.43 /mo

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    • Number of Sites 1 Site
    • NVME Storage 10GB SSD
    • Traffic Unlimited
    • Accounts/E-mails 5 E-mails
    • E-mails/Hour 50 E-mails
    • Visits 20.000
    • Max. Files 150.000
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Free Domain 36 Months
    • FTP Accounts 5 FTP's
    • Backup Cycle Weekly
    • Control Panel cPanel

    WP Perfomance

  • $ 20.12 /mo

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    • Number of Sites Unlimited
    • NVME Storage 40GB SSD
    • Traffic Unlimited
    • Accounts/E-mails Unlimited
    • E-mails/Hour 200 E-mails
    • Visits 50.000
    • Max. Files Unlimited
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Free Domain 24 Months/+
    • FTP Accounts Unlimited
    • Backup Cycle Daily
    • Control Panel cPanel

    WP Pro

  • $ 38.59 /mo

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    • Number of Sites Unlimited
    • NVME Storage 80GB SSD
    • Traffic Unlimited
    • Accounts/E-mails Unlimited
    • E-mails/Hour 500 E-mails
    • Visits 100.000
    • Max. Files Unlimited
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Free Domain 12 Months/+
    • FTP Accounts Unlimited
    • Backup Cycle Daily
    • Control Panel cPanel

    Our WordPress Hosting comes optimized with the most popular plugins with one click installation



    Yoast SEO

    Yoast SEO

    W3 Total Cache

    W3 Total Cache



    WP File Manager

    File Manager


    Contact Form 7

    WordPress Hosting Features


    More resources available to take off your WordPress projects on the internet

    • E-mail Accounts

      Use your e-mail space as you wish. It does not consume WordPress hosting resources.

    • Automatic Updates

      Your WordPress and Plugins always updated and protected with security updates and bug fixes.

    • SSD Storage

      With an SSD Hosting, you guarantee greater performance and stability with high-performance storage.

    • Free SSL Certificate

      More security in data traffic with the free SSL Certificate with automatic renewal.

    • 24 Hour Support

      Count on Expert support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English.

    • Site Transfer

      Easily transfer your WordPress site from another provider to your MozOut account.

    Practice surpasses theory You can even memorize books, take online courses, as well as read and write, but you can only really learn by doing, performing or simulating. That's why MozOut is the perfect company for beginning and expert webmasters. Everything you need to start the empirical learning process and much more. No complications and very efficient. Start Now

    Understand the differences between plans


    Compare the unique features of WordPress Hosting plans

    WP Starter WP Perfomance WP Pro
    Nº. of Sites 1 Unlimited Unlimited
    NVME Storage 10GB SSD 40GB SSD 80GB SSD
    Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Cores - 1 CPU 2 CPU
    RAM Memory - 2GB 4GB
    Server Type Shared Dedicated Dedicated
    Max. Files 150.000 Unlimited Unlimited
    Visits 20.000 50.000 100.000
    Email Accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited
    E-mails/Hour 50 200 500
    FTP Accounts 10 FTP's Unlimited Unlimited
    SSL Certificate Free Free Free
    Free Domain 36 Months 24 Months/+ 12 Months/+
    Additional Domains 0 Unlimited Unlimited
    Parked Domains 2 Unlimited Unlimited
    Subdomains 5 Unlimited Unlimited
    Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
    IP Adress Shared Dedicated Dedicated
    Backup Cycle Weekly Daily Daily
    Backup Size 10GB 40GB 80GB
    Backup Retention 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
    Backup Restores Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Backup Scheduling Available Available Available
    Malware Scan 2x/Day 4x/Day 6x/Day
    Vulnerability Scan 2x/Day 4x/Day 6x/Day
    CDN (Content Delivery) Available Available Available
    DDOS Protection by CDN Available Available Available
    Web Firewall (WAF) Available Available Available

    Why choose MozOut as your partner?


    Discover the differentials that the leader in hosting in the world wide offers

    • Leader in hosting

      Pioneer in web hosting in the world wide, with all its infrastructure in Europe, America and/or Africa.

    • Qualified team

      Creative and specialized teams to make your day to day easier with our services.

    • No additional expenses

      Get 1TB up to 12TB of transfer included for server use.

    • Prepaid template

      Your spending based on resource consumption.

    • Progressive discount

      The more resources you use, the greater the discount applied.

    • Hourly billing

      Set application limits and pay only for what you use.

    • Easy to hire

      By Credit Card, PayPal, M-Pesa or Bank Transfer without intermediaries.

    • Agility and economy

      Faster response and speed, with lower latency, and spend predictability.

    • Intel® Cloud Technology

      SLA of up to 99.9% hardware, guaranteed by automatic server reallocation.

    • Price without surprises

      Pay in Dollar, without worrying about the dollar exchange rate in a prepaid model.

    • Nearest datacenter

      Better response time due to low latency and datacenter in Europe, America and/or Africa.

    • Support at your fingertips

      Service in Portuguese 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge, by phone or chat.

    Stay on top of MozOut's numbers

    • + 37.000 clients

    • + 51.000 hosted sites

    • + 95.000 e-mails

    • + 10.000 devs partners

    F.A.Q WordPress Hosting


    Below are the most frequently asked questions about our WordPress Hosting plans

    WordPress is the most used and respected CMS (Content Management System) system in the world.

    There are many other options for managing websites, but none of them even come close to WordPress in popularity .

    In practice, the popularity of WordPress is due to a few reasons, being Open Source is one of the most important. It would be useless to be an open source software if it didn't have volunteers willing to participate in the maintenance of the platform. Fortunately, the WordPress community is very active.

    The community is divided into developers and designers who are dedicated to creating templates for the platform and users who actively participate in the forums to answer questions from others who experience technical difficulties . In addition, the documentation of a system, especially Open Source, says a lot about it, it indicates how organized and serious the software in question is in its value proposition. That's why WordPress offers the necessary security that any organization needs, even for the most ambitious projects.

    Last but not least are the nearly endless customization options that WordPress offers. No matter what your ideas and needs are, they can probably be done in WordPress, with superior quality without being owed anything to other management platforms. It is possible to create from a simple blog to pass the time, to a world famous news portal, or a complete e-commerce operation.

    You can change the layout, optimize SEO, automate publications, extend functionality, interact with the public and carry out a series of important activities directly from the administrative interface, not to mention the advanced options for developers.

    WordPress is an easy-to-use Content Management System that allows for customization that will make your everyday life easier. It is possible to create a WordPress website in just a few clicks, as long as you already have an idea of what you want to put online. Check out the step by step:
    01). Hire MozOut WordPress Hosting;
    02). Install WordPress in a few clicks with our installer;
    03). Define a theme and plugins that will optimize your site and its performance;
    04). Observe the statistics and create a content strategy according to the objective of your business or your brand; e
    05). Start your journey on the internet.

    Among the biggest attractions for websites of all types, from blogs to e-commerce solutions, we can highlight:

    Accessible (and highly customizable) themes
    Choose a theme in WordPress is one of the easiest tasks. Just choose from thousands of ready-made layouts, many of them free, and install them in your admin area in a few minutes.

    Complete management structure
    Everything you need is in WordPress: functions to produce, publish and edit posts, integrate marketing and sales tools, analyze performance metrics, interact with the audience through comments and so on. A complete management structure, which can be used in a simple and continuous way by both entrepreneurs and multinational companies.

    Various plugins
    Everything that cannot be done with the resources Your theme's native features can be improved with the help of plugins. They serve to increase the range of possibilities of your site. The library of options is simply impressive and has tools of various types to perform important tasks and improve the site's performance.

    The first big difference from WordPress hosting to MozOut Web Hosting concerns the admin panel. MozOut Web Hosting operates with the MozOut Panel, with an interface designed to manage your Hosting resources. On the other hand, the exclusive WordPress service has a simple interface at its disposal, with the basic actions of the CMS system. In this version, the user will go through a Wizard dedicated to the configuration, creation of accounts and management of plans and domains to have access to the WordPress panel and its customizable features.

    WordPress Hosting also has some extra features, one of the advantages is that it works with NVMe SSD storage, this feature provides greater stability to the website and speed of access to information, WordPress Hosting also offers automatic backup of the website and system, something that greatly increases the security of the operation.

    WordPress Hosting is a versatile and multifaceted platform and allows the creation of different types of pages with different purposes, such as:

    A space for publishing content, articles, videos and images with different themes;

    Institutional site
    WordPress has hundreds of themes and plugins for you to communicate your company's identity to your audience, with several pages and resources that will make a difference;

    Online space to sell products and services with features to optimize sales and financial procedures. One of the main differentials is the WooCommerce plugin, which guarantees scalability, cost-effectiveness and performance;

    It is a search engine for dissemination without direct sales processes. They serve to list and evaluate products that are already on sale on other pages;

    Market Place
    Virtual place of purchase and sale with two levels: retailer and consumer, with several sub-stores where each shopkeeper has a space within that site. WordPress Hosting gives scalability and flexibility so that this “virtual shopping center” works in the best way;

    Wordpress Hosting allows you to develop and manage content for distance learning. It is possible to take tests, assemble a bank of questions, evaluations, analysis of the courses and much more.

    WordPress Hosting is suitable for you if you meet the following criteria:
    01.) Seeks maximum simplicity: if you don't know anything about programming and don't have someone to take care of it in your company, WordPress hosting is more practical;
    02.) Already know the system: it is important that you already know the system, or at least already understand how it works, so as not to be disappointed later;
    03.) Do you have a blog or e-commerce: blogs and virtual stores require constant updating, as they deal with a large volume of content, and few systems are as complete to manage this as WordPress.

    So, it may not be the best option if you prefer the points below:

    01.) Flexibility: If you prefer the flexibility of testing to compare WordPress with other CMS systems or accessing the hosting interface, better choose the common solution like MozOut Web Hosting;
    02.) System knowledge: if you have no idea how WordPress works, m It's best not to commit to hosting that only offers this option to manage your content;
    03.) Static Website: If your website is static and doesn't need updates or recurring content, WordPress might be an option, but it's not. required. In this case, it may be more useful to choose MozOut Web Hosting.

    The choice of WordPress Hosting depends on your profile and what you are looking for for your website. The ease of installation and some extra features are valid if you have knowledge and have already decided on WordPress. Otherwise, it is better to use MozOut Web Hosting, which is also more flexible.

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