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Streaming Server

Build your own internet radio and broadcast your content live all over the world

Streaming Server Plans


All audio streaming plans feature AutoDJ, SonicPanel and unlimited traffic, so your radio stays online at all times

Streaming Starter

  • $ 22.80 /mo

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    • Listeners 800 (Simultaneous)
    • Disk Storage 10GB AutoDJ
    • Bitrates 128KBPS
    • Radio Traffic Unlimited
    • Files AAC/MP3/FLAC/OGG
    • Android App 12 Months/+
    • iOS App 24 Months/+
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Server ShoutCast/IceCast
    • Control Panel SonicPanel

    Streaming Premium

  • $ 44.54 /mo

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    • Listeners 5.000 (Simultaneous)
    • Disk Storage 25GB AutoDJ
    • Bitrates 192KBPS
    • Radio Traffic Unlimited
    • Files AAC/MP3/FLAC/OGG
    • Android App 6 Months/+
    • iOS App 12 Months/+
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Server ShoutCast/IceCast
    • Control Panel SonicPanel

    Streaming Business

  • $ 82.30 /mo

  • Buy Now
    • Listeners Unlimited (Simultaneous)
    • Disk Storage 50GB AutoDJ
    • Bitrates 192KBPS
    • Radio Traffic Unlimited
    • Files AAC/MP3/FLAC/OGG
    • Android App 3 Months/+
    • iOS App 6 Months/+
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Server ShoutCast/IceCast
    • Control Panel SonicPanel

    High quality Streaming Server


    Responsive player, cross-platform and compatible with market browsers

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    Discover the benefits of Streaming Server


    You have several features in our audio streaming service

    • SonicPanel/WHMSonic

      For skilled programmers, the old SonicPanel WHMSonic makes it simple.

    • Reports & Statistics

      SonicPanel has the most comprehensive streaming statistics system available.

    • Playlist Manager

      Through the playlist manager you will be able to create your schedule.

    • Player Generator

      With SonicPanel you will be able to generate player embed code for your website.

    • Monitoring/Hour

      Through SonicPanel you have real-time statistics and listener locations.

    • Live & AutoDJ

      Make your AutoDJ live or scheduled broadcasts quick and easy.

    • HTML5 Players

      Players with support for all devices, in addition to exclusive design and features.

    • Widgets/Codes

      Codes to make the site more dynamic, players, music and listener location.

    • Multiple Languages

      The Panel has different languages, which you can define at any time.

    • DDoS Protection

      Radios are protected from DDoS attacks, blocking before reaching the stream.

    • Redirect Replay

      With this feature, you can rebroadcast another radio in your stream.

    • Drag & Drop

      Upload music from your computer easily by dragging and dropping to the panel.

    Why choose MozOut as your partner?


    Discover the differentials that the leader in hosting in the world wide offers

    • Leader in hosting

      Pioneer in web hosting in the world wide, with all its infrastructure in Europe, America and/or Africa.

    • Qualified team

      Creative and specialized teams to make your day to day easier with our services.

    • No additional expenses

      Get 1TB up to 12TB of transfer included for server use.

    • Prepaid template

      Your spending based on resource consumption.

    • Progressive discount

      The more resources you use, the greater the discount applied.

    • Hourly billing

      Set application limits and pay only for what you use.

    • Easy to hire

      By Credit Card, PayPal, M-Pesa or Bank Transfer without intermediaries.

    • Agility and economy

      Faster response and speed, with lower latency, and spend predictability.

    • Intel® Cloud Technology

      SLA of up to 99.9% hardware, guaranteed by automatic server reallocation.

    • Price without surprises

      Pay in Dollar, without worrying about the dollar exchange rate in a prepaid model.

    • Nearest datacenter

      Better response time due to low latency and datacenter in Europe, America and/or Africa.

    • Support at your fingertips

      Service in Portuguese 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge, by phone or chat.

    Stay on top of MozOut's numbers

    • + 37.000 clients

    • + 51.000 hosted sites

    • + 95.000 e-mails

    • + 10.000 devs partners

    F.A.Q Streaming Server


    Below are the most frequently asked questions about our Streaming Server plans

    This tool allows a defined playlist to be executed automatically, that is, the client will upload its songs to the server and create a playlist in the AutoDJ tool, after starting the playlist it will be automatically executed 24H Hours/Day.

    It is a new format, with differentiated quality, where the sound uses less bit rate and reaches an extremely better quality compared to a simple MP3 encoder. With only 32KBPS you can hear high fidelity sound with perfect stereo separation.

    Android apps will be created for free on demand within a week. We ship the ready-made APK for the reseller to publish to their own Google Play account. However, we can carry out the publication in our account, the reseller will have the link to make it available to their customers.

    MozOut's SonicPanel Streaming plans do not have Right Time, Programs and Schedules. Normally these features are exclusive to the VoxStream panel and we currently do not work with this panel.

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