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SSL Certificates

SSL HTTPS certificates that guarantee safe browsing to visitors and customers

Increase trust with an SSL Certificate


Build user trust and security by securing and encrypting the transmission of sensitive data with a low-cost Digital SSL Certificate

Sectigo SSL

Sectigo SSL

Sectigo SSL certificates formerly Comodo CA SSL. High quality SSL certificates you trust! Secure all subdomains.

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GeoTrust SSL

GeoTrust SSL

GeoTrust is a globally trusted SSL provider serving world-class security solutions as per your business requirements.

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Symantec SSL

Symantec SSL

Symantec (VeriSign) is the world leader in SSL Security Certificates and protects people and information in this hyper-connected world.

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Why hire an SSL Digital Certificate?

SSL is a must-have feature for anyone who wants to provide minimal security for their customers. With SSL, all user data that travels through the page will be encrypted and protected in case of cyber intrusions. A protected website becomes a safe browsing environment, which means you can enter passwords for access or electronic transactions without worries.

What is the importance of an SSL Certificate?

  • Google started to use the HTTPS SSL Digital Certificate as one of the ranking factors in its searches, that is, when using HTTPS (lock in the browser address bar), you have greater relevance in Google searches. In addition, Google Chrome flags websites without this certificate as "not secure", avoid this problem and hire your Digital SSL Certificate.

Your website even safer with SSL Certificates


Discover the advantages of having a Security Digital SSL Certificate on your website

  • Security

    Give your customers confidence. Allow payment transactions and other information securely

  • Get found on Google

    Google prioritizes secure sites with SSL Digital Certificates in its search results

  • Management Panel

    Manage all your Digital SSL Certificates in a single, simple and convenient panel

  • 24x7 support

    If necessary, our support will help you through the entire process of issuing the SSL Digital Certificate

  • Compatibility

    Certificate adaptable to any browser, in addition to all mobile devices

  • GlobalSign Certificates

    One of the world's leading SSL Certificate Authorities

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Why choose MozOut as your partner?


Discover the differentials that the leader in hosting in South Africa offers

  • Leader in hosting

    Pioneer in web hosting in the country, with all its infrastructure in Africa, Europe and/or America.

  • Qualified team

    Creative and specialized teams to make your day to day easier with our services.

  • No additional expenses

    Get 1TB up to 12TB of transfer included for server use.

  • Prepaid template

    Your spending based on resource consumption.

  • Progressive discount

    The more resources you use, the greater the discount applied.

  • Hourly billing

    Set application limits and pay only for what you use.

  • Easy to hire

    By Credit Card, PayPal, M-Pesa or Bank Transfer without intermediaries.

  • Agility and economy

    Faster response and speed, with lower latency, and spend predictability.

  • Intel® Cloud Technology

    SLA of up to 99.9% hardware, guaranteed by automatic server reallocation.

  • Price without surprises

    Pay in Rand, without worrying about the dollar exchange rate in a prepaid model.

  • Nearest datacenter

    Better response time due to low latency and datacenter in Africa, Europe and/or America.

  • Support at your fingertips

    Service in Portuguese 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge, by phone or chat.

Stay on top of MozOut's numbers

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  • + 51.000 hosted sites

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F.A.Q SSL Certificates


Below are the most frequently asked questions about our SSL Certificates plans

The Secure Socket Layer is a protocol/certificate that makes all information that travels on a page encrypted (or encoded). This prevents data from being viewed during information transfer. With SSL you have an authentic website in a secure environment.
At MozOut, this certificate is represented by the padlock and HTTPS, which replaces HTTP in your website's URL. You can still increase your company's trust by displaying a WebTrust dynamic seal of secure site right there in your URL.

The SSL Certificate provides a secure environment for data transfers between web servers and browsers, as it encrypts the information transmitted on your website. If the data is intercepted, the information will be protected.

In addition, Google recently started to consider the HTTPS protocol as one of the methods of indexing pages. This means that in addition to inspiring more credibility and security with the “safe” seal in the URL, you can also improve your site’s position in Google searches..

All products, from dedicated to shared, hosted inside and outside of MozOut. In some cases, we have specific conditions. They are:

Web Hosting: Windows 2003 and 2008 – it is necessary to hire an additional IP via SSL.

Resale: Plesk 8 Windows 2003 and Linux CentOS5 - it is necessary to hire an additional IP via SSL, but you are entitled to a free IP per plan.

Plesk 11 Windows 2008 and Linux CentOS5: it is necessary to hire an additional IP via SSL, but you are entitled to a free IP per plan.

Plesk 12.5 Windows 2008: it is necessary to hire an additional IP by SSL, however you are entitled to a free IP per plan.

Cloud Server: Linux Operating System CentOS5 and Debian6 - necessary to hire an additional IP by SSL, however you entitled to one free IP per plan.

MozOut Security SSL Certificates are signed by GlobalSign, one of the world's largest certification authorities, which has the best compatibility on the market and guarantee against encryption breakage. In addition, we have support in English (EN) around the clock and also a certificate management panel to facilitate administration, issue, control expiration dates and more.

DV Single Domain SSL Certificate secures your website, both WWW and non-WWW, for domain and folders. Example:

The Wildcard SSL Certificate protects your domain and unlimited top-level subdomains. This type of certificate will guarantee the protection of ALL servers and names that are issued in this way:

The Wildcard or Joker certificate, as it is also known, is required in environments with several servers or with names in their subdomains belonging to a particular application.

SSL Certificates are issued for a period of 1 year, when the certificate expires you must renew it. At MozOut, this process is simple and performed through a unique dashboard. As an alert, you will receive informative emails when the expiration date is approaching and you will also have 24/7 support for our experts to assist you in this process..

The process of validating and issuing the digital security certificate for your domain is done by email. SSL Certificates can be issued on the same day, but this process will depend on important factors, such as the time it will take you to approve the email and confirmation by the certifier itself (GlobalSign).

By purchasing one of the Security SSL Certificates, you will be able to increase the trust of your website by displaying a dynamic secure website seal

GlobalSign, which provides security certificates audited by WebTrust, is one of the most recognized worldwide.

The SSL Certificates issued by GlobalSign, have an embedding program that ensures their compatibility on all machines, devices and popular platforms that use the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Ex: SSL/TLS, S/MIME, Code Signing and Document Signing. This universal support ensures the reliability and transparency of our digital certificates, providing compatibility at the highest level of public trust, even for new devices and applications.

There are 3 main reasons: We are pioneers in Web Hosting, with infrastructure in Africa, Europe and/or America. We have a qualified team to assist you whenever you need it, with 24x7 specialized support and much more security with servers monitored 24h/day to guarantee your peace of mind against hackers and intruders.

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