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Professional E-mail

Get a professional e-mail and give more credibility to your contacts

Professional E-mail Plans


Select the plan with the space and number of professional accounts you want for your company and get started with e-mail marketing

Initial 15

  • R 80.06 /mo

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    • NVME Storage 15GB SSD
    • Accounts/E-mails 10 E-mails
    • E-mails/Hour 100 E-mails
    • Traffic Unlimited
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Antivirus Verificado
    • Antispam Advanced
    • Free Domain 36 Meses
    • Backup Cycle Diary

    Standard 30

  • R 153.94 /mo

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    • NVME Storage 30GB SSD
    • Accounts/E-mails 20 E-mails
    • E-mails/Hour 250 E-mails
    • Traffic Unlimited
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Antivirus Verificado
    • Antispam Advanced
    • Free Domain 24 Meses/+
    • Backup Cycle Diary

    Business 50

  • R 206.70 /mo

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    • NVME Storage 50GB SSD
    • Accounts/E-mails 50 E-mails
    • E-mails/Hour 500 E-mails
    • Traffic Unlimited
    • SSL Certificate Free
    • Antivirus Verificado
    • Antispam Advanced
    • Free Domain 12 Meses/+
    • Backup Cycle Diary

    Included in all our plans


    We also have extra features included as standard to facilitate your daily productivity

    • Antispam & Antivirus

      Automatic update to block suspicious third-party files and messages.

    • App Type App

      Access your e-mail with no configuration required. Download via webmail.

    • Control Panel

      Friendly interface to easily manage, create and configure your accounts.

    • Mobile Version

      Access your e-mails wherever you are and on any mobile device.

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    Additional e-mail accounts available for all plans


    At MozOut we have scalable infrastructure and servers to meet your company's growth

    • 15GB of Space

      R71.37 for all professional e-mail accounts.

    • 30GB of Space

      R135.36 for all professional e-mail accounts.

    • 50GB of Space

      244.85 for all professional e-mail accounts.

    Check supported browsers and requirements for Webmail

    • Compatible Browsers

      Internet Explorer 11: Windows 8
      Microsoft Edge: Windows 10
      Safari 9+: Mac OS X
      Firefox 30+: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
      Google Chrome 52+: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
      Google Chrome 40+: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux

    • Browser Requirements

      Enable Cookies and JavaScript

    Why choose MozOut as your partner?


    Discover the differentials that the leader in hosting in South Africa offers

    • Leader in hosting

      Pioneer in web hosting in the country, with all its infrastructure in Africa, Europe and/or America.

    • Qualified team

      Creative and specialized teams to make your day to day easier with our services.

    • No additional expenses

      Get 1TB up to 12TB of transfer included for server use.

    • Prepaid template

      Your spending based on resource consumption.

    • Progressive discount

      The more resources you use, the greater the discount applied.

    • Hourly billing

      Set application limits and pay only for what you use.

    • Easy to hire

      By Credit Card, PayPal, M-Pesa or Bank Transfer without intermediaries.

    • Agility and economy

      Faster response and speed, with lower latency, and spend predictability.

    • Intel® Cloud Technology

      SLA of up to 99.9% hardware, guaranteed by automatic server reallocation.

    • Price without surprises

      Pay in Rand, without worrying about the dollar exchange rate in a prepaid model.

    • Nearest datacenter

      Better response time due to low latency and datacenter in Africa, Europe and/or America.

    • Support at your fingertips

      Service in Portuguese 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge, by phone or chat.

    Stay on top of MozOut's numbers

    • + 37.000 clients

    • + 51.000 hosted sites

    • + 95.000 e-mails

    • + 10.000 devs partners

    F.A.Q Professional E-mail


    Below are the most frequently asked questions about our Professional E-mail plans

    It's a professional e-mail solution that makes your day to day work easier by creating rules, redirecting and organizing contacts. Count on the features of the admin panel to better manage your e-mail accounts.

    Antispam and Antivirus, Control Panel with dynamic interface and easy to use and configure, Mobile version so you can access your e-mail from anywhere. Best of all, these features are included in all plans.

    When hiring any professional e-mail plan, you get 1 year of free domain, starting from the annual frequency.

    There are 3 main reasons: We are pioneers in Web Hosting, with infrastructure in Africa, Europe and/or America. We have a qualified team to assist you whenever you need it, with 24x7 specialized support and much more security with servers monitored 24h/day to guarantee your peace of mind against hackers and intruders.

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